about BeyondTrees

BeyondTrees was started in 2008 as a one-man company ("eenmanszaak") by Anne Veling. Since 2013, BeyondTrees is operating as a B.V. There is not just one thing that BeyondTrees does; we usually serve multiple customers at the same time, with both medium-term and short-term contracts.

Because of a highly technical background, we can quickly identify technical issues and solutions, but we also see the human processes as part of any project

about Anne Veling

After a M.Sc. in Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence, Anne worked for several years in the search engine industry, designing highly scalable knowledge extraction, clustering and visualization modules for search applications. Currently self-employed, helping out global companies create web applications that involve search. Anne is also busy doing performance troubleshooting, and gives Lucene and Solr workshops.

Anne Veling

Anne is married, father of three, living in Hoorn, The Netherlands. Into theatresports (improvizational acting), reading, programming and watching movies

You can follow Anne on Twitter @anneveling

about the name

The name "beyondTrees" has the following meaning to us