About BeyondTrees

BeyondTrees was started in 2008, and started to operate as a B.V. in 2013. It is still a one man company, but over the years we have gotten to know a great network of professionals across different professions, so we often find ourselves working closely together in teams.

There is not just one thing that we do; we are interested in helping customers achieve technically complex things in simple ways. Sometimes that requires training, sometimes a clear architecture plan, sometimes technical guidance of a development team, or building an entire new team and processes. I am always interested in meeting new people and learning about your business area, so let's get in touch!

Bridging the gap between the technical challenges, and the business and people aspect of projects, is what we are good at.

About Anne Veling

After a M.Sc. degree in Computer Science, specialized in Artificial Intelligence, Anne worked for several years in the search engine industry, designing highly scalable knowledge extraction, clustering and visualization modules for search applications.

A few years later, Anne switched careers to become a technical business consultant, traveling over the world to help customers implement Product Lifecycle Management solutions. He helped setup a Performance and Stability Troubleshooting Task Force here.

Currently self-employed for already 10 years, Anne has worked on quite a few different types of projects, but always at the forefront of the technology wave. Anne Veling

Anne is married, father of three and lives in a small town next to Hoorn in The Netherlands. He enjoys improvizational acting (theatresports), kayaking, programming, movies, and making fires.