BeyondTrees specializes in defining scalable architectures, project management, troubleshooting and search technology

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    Implementing ElasticSearch for partner website
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    We can help define the information architecture, or software architecture of complex (web) applications, and help you make the vision real.

    We know the Lucene, Solr and ElasticSearch search applications and frameworks quite well, and can help integrate that with your applications. We also deliver training sessions on those topics.

    project management

    We have extensive experience in doing the (technical) management of small development teams, both co-located and dispersed teams, using agile processes and implementing continuous deployment

    performance troubleshooting

    Over the past years, we have helped analyze and solve performance and stability issues for many large customers in their J2EE applications and databases


    BeyondTrees delivers custom training sessions on the following subjects

    All these trainings can be adapted to your needs or context. Subscribe to be informed when these sessions are next planned near you


    Oh, and we code too, both server-side (Java, Scala, C#) and client-side (JavaScript). We like a challenge, so if you have a complex problem that you need solved with an efficient algorithm, let us know


    We are always interested in talking with you about your company or application in an open minded conversation, to determine if BeyondTrees can be of service to you.

    Don't hesitate to contact us at or by phone at (+31) 6 50 969 170