BeyondTrees specializes in defining scalable architectures, agile project management, performance troubleshooting and search technology.

If you have

  • a vision to create an application but cannot get it from the ground
  • a development process that is not running smooth
  • an application that needs complex search, navigation and faceting features
  • a server that keeps crashing
  • users who complain about poor performance

If you need

  • a motivated tech lead and scrum master
  • an architect to translate your business requirements to an implementation plan
  • someone to guide your development team
  • help finally getting to the bottom of that performance issue
  • ElasticSearch expertise or training
  • someone to brainstorm with you on where you want to go next

BeyondTrees is the answer! Always more than happy to come by and talk with you about what you might need and whether we can be of service. Let's talk!

You can get an idea of what we've been up to in the years by looking at our Customers section, or just contact us to have a chat