is the leading ecommerce site of The Netherlands. They started out as an online book selling shop (much like Amazon), but have grown significantly since then, offering almost every consumer product category conceivable. An interesting part of the focus of the company is to try to become an ecommerce platform for other resellers, offering cross-shop comparison, consolidation and even offering logistics services.


These are some of the projects we have worked at for

ElasticSearch implementation

We have helped architect and design moving the main application to use ElasticSearch instead of Endeca.

Customer Insight Engine

We created a POC to show how we could integrate information from the product database with the actual offering and selling information, to give both and resellers valuable insights in how they are doing and what they can do to improve.


For, the leading ecommerce site in The Netherlands, we are implementing a first customer-facing ElasticSearch cluster to help speed up the Plaza partner application, where partners can maintain their inventory and product portfolio. We are using it to also improve on the faceting capabilities of the site.